diet cheatingChristmas is coming and you want to keep those extra kilos off but there’s so many functions coming up your a little worried your going to spin out of control.

Not to worry, here are some handy hints to keep you from cheating on your food.

1) Plan Your Day

Each night I plan out my following day, check my schedule so I know what’s going on and organize anything I need first thing in the morning.

This is the same approach you need to take with your nutrition. Meal planning is a must! Spending an hour on a Sunday to plan out your meals for the week can be a very simple exercise and will save you heaps of time during the week. This way you’ll know what you’re eating when and if you do have to go out you can pre-planJ

As an example: You’re in meetings for the afternoon one day and have to rush off to a family function that night. Make sure you eat something before the meeting and probably a good idea to have something when the meeting is done, perhaps in the car so you can satisfy any cravings and not be waiting 5 hours or whatever it is between meals.

There are also going to be random parties etc that clearly you’re planned for so come up with 2-3 ideas of what you can do to not go overboard if they come up. E.G Have someone at the party keep you accountable to how much your eating.

2) Create the Correct Self-Image

If your believe in yourself that your not a cheater, then your not going to cheat. Simple.

This is an honesty system, you must truly believe this. Visualize it in your head.

–    See yourself eating the healthy foods

–    Notice how you will feel after eating the healthy meals

–    Hear what others are saying about your new look thanks to the effort you have put into your healthy eating

Once you have these ‘systems’ in place you’ll be well on your way to overcoming any obstacle.

3) Plan, Shop, & Prepare

You need to spend time cooking your meals which can either be done during the week or in a big hit over the weekend

What I’ve found works best is creating the majority portions of your meals on a Sunday so they are ready to go during the week and all that’s left is the little bits – fresh veggies, nuts, yoghurt etc to fill in the meals. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well good news, it is!

This tip is probably the most important aspect when it comes to weight loss. If you can master your planning, shopping and preparing the hard part is out of the way. Then all you have to do is eat the meals, oh that sounds so hard don’t it…

4) Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

This one is pretty simple, after each meal you brush your teeth. Why? Once your teeth are brushed you won’t want to eat straight away and before you know it enough time has passed that it’s time for your next meal and no extra food has been eaten.

So you have dinner around 7 and you know you shouldn’t eat anything after that brush your teeth once you’re done. You’ll be sitting around watching T.V with a fresh tasting mouth which you won’t want to ruin. Nothing tastes good after brushing so use it wherever possible to avoid those nasty temptations.

there you go, 4 handy hints to get you started staying on track with your eating.

stay tuned for 5 more tips tomorrow.

Andrew Zagami

p.s – In my upcoming program I’ll show you how to remove all those obstacles holding you back from eating healthy, even in those party situations.