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You’re probably asking yourself, “How is this trainer different?” After all, so many people can become trainers these days in a matter of weeks, right?

Well, that’s true. And it’s one of my biggest frustrations with the fitness industry. Too many trainers lack knowledge about nutrition and focus too much on aesthetics instead of health.

You see, I’m a three-time cancer survivor, bestselling author, speaker, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist.

Due to my previous health issues, my perspective on how coaching should work has evolved. My entire career has been based on my desire to improve peoples’ health, because I know from experience what can happen when you only focus on the number on the scale. 

I do help people lose weight, and I have plenty of happy clients and testimonials that show that my approach works for weight loss. However, my goal is to change your mindset and lifestyle so that getting fit comes naturally to you.

I don’t coach people to get them slimmer. I coach them to become more resilient and happier with themselves. I help them achieve their goals, whatever those may be.

About my approach

What we can achieve together

Here is how I can support you to achieve your goals in a long lasting healthy way. No need to invest into expensive supplements or fad diets.
Aside from this, I’ll always be there to provide you with nutritional advice, fitness guidance, and moral support.


When you sign up for one of my coaching packages, you can always email me and expect a prompt response.



personalized training program based on your goals


Simple yet effective new habits you'll keep for life


Personalized nutrition without expensive supplements to achieve your goals


Short yet effective exercises perfect for busy people


Mindest coaching for long-term success

A note on my approach

Why I focus on disease prevention & control

Over recent years, scientific evidence is showing us just how powerful nutrition can be when it comes to healing our body.

I’m living proof that what you eat impacts every cell in your body. Research shows that the foods you eat are broken down into nutrients that fuel every cell in your body. 

Due to the dietary changes I’ve made, I’ve recovered. I now enjoy life to the fullest, despite having to go through cancer and the grueling treatments that come with it. 

My passion for nutrition and health stems from my desire to share with others how simple changes can turn their life around. I know from experience that looking fit shouldn’t be your only goal and that supplements aren’t necessary for optimal health.

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