#2: Carrots

Following on from last weeks friend, sweet potato, beta-carotene as we know is used in the body as Vitamin A. Another benefit from last weeks list of fighting viruses & cancer, it also helps with vision.

Carrots also have Vitamin K which helps your body fight against blood clots and healing of any wounds, while the fibre from the carrot helps with digestion and keeps your heart healthy.

Chromium is also present which can help stabilise your blood sugar levels proving very useful for diabetics and people who find themselves having sugar cravings.

Fact: Raw carrots can sometimes be hard for your body to digest, so grate or chop finely before eating.


Carrot Apple Craver (serves 2)

    • 8 Chopped carrots
    • 4 sliced green apples
    • 1 small chunck of ginger to suit your taste


Buzz through juicer until it’s at the consistency you want.


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