Dinner Box Challenge Or Fat Gaining Challenge?

McDonald's dinner boxI have been kept up to date with certain company activities and when I was told about this challenge I thought what a great topic to talk about!

In just one sitting of this mega meal you consume a whopping 2857 calories. The average daily calorie intake for a male is 1800-2000 calories while for females its 1600-1800 calories, so you can already see you’re taking in more than a day’s worth of food in just one sitting. So let’s take a closer look at these 2857 calories. To add one kilogram of fat to your body that would require 7709 calories, so by eating the Value Dinner Box you have added approximately 384 grams to your body weight! Doesn’t sound like much, well here’s what you would need to do to burn it off:


    • 195 minutes consistent running
    • 610 minutes of sweeping
    • 487 minutes of gardening
    • 572 minutes doing a circuit class (of course you burn more when you have a personal trainer!)


So now that we can see how long it would take to burn off every calorie, this brings me to my next point – portion control. We have spoken about this before where you want to be eating every 2-3 hours in order to keep your metabolism burning all day long. Well guess what happened after this massive meal? Most likely there was no food consumed for several hours after meaning your body went into storage mode and turned whatever was left into fat rather than burning it off.

While I do insist my clients enjoy what they eat and not live on strict diets there also needs to be a balance. Indulging yourself is fine on occasion you just need to think of portion size. Imagine someone who had a Value Dinner Box once a week over a year as their indulgence meal – 384 x 52 = 19.968kg added to their weight!


So what’s the trick? If you want to eat something you know you shouldn’t, don’t stuff yourself until you feel sick. Instead, enjoy it just enough until your satisfied and you and your stomach will feel much better for it after.


To a happier and healthier you,

Andrew Zagami