night time eatingDon’t have junk food in the house. Period.

There I said it, now let me explain.

it’s 9pm, your feeling hungry so you go looking in the cupboards and find yourself some chocolate biscuits and you figure, ‘I’ll just have some of these to keep me going until bedtime.’

Really? You’re kidding right? First off, if you want to lose weight why oh why would you have chocolate biscuits which you know are bad for you sitting in the cupboard? ‘Because the kids like them’ I hear you say. Well it’s up to the parents what their kids eat so how about buying healthy snacks such as wholegrain biscuits, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables – any of those will be a far better option for both you and your waist line!

You should have a rough idea of what you eat each day so if you get to the end of your day and realize you missed a snack of fruit or veg try having that after dinner to catch up with what you have missed that way your body will be well balanced and not feeling bloated or hungry by the time you go to bed.

For most people, dinner is usually several hours before bed so often another meal/snack is needed. Think about it for a second, your going to sleep very soon so there’s no need for a huge meal just before bed – take a look at smaller portions – a tub of yoghurt with some fruit is a perfect option, not the packet of Tim Tams you have stashed in the freezer!

Another idea I read about from Matt O’Neill is to close your kitchen. How? What? My kitchen can’t be closed! Ok so you physically can’t close it, unless it’s in its own room with a door of course. But if that’s not the case then you could try putting up a sign saying ‘kitchen closed’ or some kind of barrier to stop you from walking in.

May sound silly but you will be surprised how this simple little trick can stop you from making bad choices late at night giving you a massive advantage in the weight loss battle.

So to sum up:

  • If it’s not available, it’s not a temptation

Plain and simple, follow this one piece of advice and see for yourself how your results change for the better.

Happy controlled eating

Andrew Zagami

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