Dis-ease is caused by 2 main components, this is something I’ve discovered over the past several years and something you’re about to find out as well in this short article.

The biggest lesson I learnt while experiencing cancer is that the human body is a remarkable machine, and more importantly, that we have the power to control our health.

To some people that may sound like a cheesy statement, but for me, it proves just how much influence we have over our own health. Unfortunately, most of us are completely unaware of this which is why so much of the human race is fat, sick and dying far younger than they should be.

I’ve spent my whole life in the fitness industry, starting with gymnastics at the age of 4, yet even though I was considered fit, that doesn’t always translate to healthy. Read that again if you missed that. Fitness and health are two different things, which I learnt the ‘fun’ way.

As I’ve grown up and seen my friends and family age, i’ve seen how much dis-ease has come with this apparent ‘ageing’ process. The main proponent of what’s kept me healthier in these past several years compared to my family and friends has been the way I eat. I wholeheartedly believe food can heal us from the inside out, when we know what to eat and how to eat for our body.

Our organs, tissues and the trillions of cells that make up our body are all made from one thing – the food we ingest day after day. Let’s use your car as an example: We all know what type of fuel our cars need, so we make sure to put the right fuel in each time we fill up. We also know which fuels not to put in, which I’m certain you never put into your car, right? So why would your body be any different? If a certain food is no good for you, which may be linked to some form of sickness, why would we eat it? Why wouldn’t we want to know exactly what our body thrives on so each day we can live the best version of ourselves?

That right there is why I became a Nutritional Therapist.

Here’s some fundamental truths you may or may not want to hear.

Dis-ease comes from 2 main causes:

  • Inflammation
  • Nutritional Deficiencies

Both can be controlled through what we eat every day, when we know what to eat. One process I love taking clients through is something called a Nutritional Deficiency Survey where we diagnose any current issues they may be experiencing. Some examples include:

  • Restless sleep
  • Reduced night visionA2Z Personal Training Nutritional Therapist
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor memory
  • Lack of energy
  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Hair loss
  • Low immunity

These are just a few of the many options we go through. All of these are linked to vitamins and minerals which we then create a list of foods for them to focus on. This process can have a few other parts to it, such as friendly foods to add in with their main foods to help with absorption as well as the not so friendly foods they should avoid, but as a starting point I’ve seen huge changes in health just from clients completing the first phase of the program.

Inflammation is a whole other kettle of fish which I’ll save for another time, except to say that simply by completing the step above, in most cases I’ve seen inflammatory issues disappear entirely. The worst offenders as far as inflammation is concerned are wheat, red meat & dairy and to be quite honest, contrary to what we’ve been led to believe by the media, we do not need any of these foods to live. Need proof? I haven’t eaten any of them since 2012 and i’ve never been a healthier version of myself than I am today.

Moving on…

Food is not about calories. All calories are not created equal, so we cannot look at food as simply as ‘I need 2000 calories today, so I’ll just eat a bacon and egg sandwich, a chocolate milk and a coke.’ When you eat 2000 calories from these items vs 2000 calories from say vegetables, legumes and rice, your body will have completely different responses.
We need to stop counting calories and start listening to our body in regard to how we feel from certain foods. Have you ever caught yourself after a meal and wondered why you felt sick, or felt totally amazing after a meal and realised what you just ate? The answers to these questions are just the beginning of your health journey and something I really enjoy discovering with clients.

Food is information. In recent years we have learnt that food is comprised of encoded genetic information that speaks to our cells with every bite. Our food oversees our genetics.
Genetics aren’t just what we inherit, recent science has proven we can control our genes and turn them on or off, depending on what their individual function is and what we want them to do for us. How do we do this? By eating foods our body needs and what we expose ourselves to on a day to day.

This has been a small insight into how a Nutritional Therapist can change your life, which I hope you now see for yourself. It has given me the tools to give myself and my clients their health back, far beyond anything I imagined when I started training clients all those years ago.

If this is something you’re interested in exploring, get in touch today, I’d love to have a chat with anyone who’s  looking to create change.