How often do you find yourself complaining about something, yelling at a driver that cut you off or even saying some negative comment about someone on T.V? What does it do for you in the end? Does it really help solve the problem? Or does it just get you stressed out?

I’m betting it’s stressed out, which we all know isn’t any good for our health.

Stress does nothing except give you high blood pressure, help you put on weight, sleep less, eat far less healthy food and generally just not be a happy person.

Does that really sound like a life you want to lead?

Ever since I started meditating one of the first things I noticed was my stress levels, well more importantly, my lack of stress. Simple daily activities like the ones I mentioned above stopped bothering me, I was a lot calmer within myself and came across more relaxed and confident when I was speaking with people. A very welcome side effect from the simple practice of meditation.

Of course meditation isn’t for everyone, the idea of sitting still for 5-10-20 minutes can seem daunting. I know, that’s exactly what I used to think. I remember one of the first times we did it back in primary school I actually fell asleep! If that’s what meditation was I had it covered every night.

Meditation can come in many forms from actually sitting still, eyes closed and concentrating on your breathing (one of many techniques), to going for a walk, or even dancing. You need to look at what works for you and your lifestyle, because if it doesn’t currently fit with your daily life then chances are you’re not going to do it.

Pick an activity, something you enjoy and something just for you, then start doing it 5 minutes a day and start noticing how you feel even within a week.