Raw Food – Is it really worth it?

Eating raw has become the latest craze, well at least in the circles I see. The diet is becoming more and more popular with more and more celebrities endorsing it. However, we have all seen a lot of ‘diets’ in the last couple of decades. Some have lived up to their Raw foodexpectations while many others have not. With this, it is no wonder that people are questioning if a raw food diet is really worth it, or is it just a big hype like many other diets that come and go?


Raw Food Isn’t New, Is it?

Pro raw-foodies claim that it is a guaranteed method of promoting health; they also argue that raw food diet is not a new invention or new school of thought. The raw food diet has been around for ages; just think, did our ancestors have stoves and ovens? Still, there are people who are doubtful about its effects, so let’s take a look at the facts shall we?

 Raw Food Studies

The rationale behind the raw food diet is that cooking food can be harmful to one’s health and can diminish the nutritional value of the food. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) conducted a study and found that food cooked at high temperatures can increase the risk of cancer. NCI also suggested that people who have their meat done in rare or medium-rare lessens the risk for cancer by one-third compared to people who like their meat well-done or medium-well. It is believed that compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are known to be carcinogenic, are formed when food is being cooked – especially at high temperatures.

This study backs the claims that food when cooked on high temperatures can do more harm than good. There was another major study done by Lenka Zajic that indicated that people who went on a raw food diet for two years were reported to have a significant drop in their overall stress levels and needed less amount of sleep to feel rested. The skin condition of these individuals was also found to improve along with the shine of their hair. The study also noted that the reduction of bowl movements from 2-3 a day to just one. Also, the senses were heightened – the participants were able to see, hear and taste more than previously. Many other positive outcomes like improvement in cholesterol levels and normalization of blood pressure etc, were also noted. Great finding indeed!

Yet another research done in US on people who were following raw diet for 10 years revealed that the dieters were lighter in weight and healthier than people who ate a more typical cooked diet. Except for humans, no other living beings apply heat to their food before eating. Thus, you can safely believe that raw food is not only safe, but also in the best interests of your overall health.


I hope you have found this information useful, what are your thoughts on eating raw foods? Feel free to share down below.

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