The Importance Of Varying Your Workout Continually

There is a great quote that I like to use with my clients but I cannot remember who wrote it, although that is not helpful for kudos to the author it remains a great quote none the less.

’If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got’

I am unsure if the author was referring directly to your training when he/she wrote this little chestnut it but it couldn’t be any truer.  Varying your workout is extremely important for a multitude of reasons two being to prevent boredom and onset of overuse injuries. But most importantly it is to keep your body guessing.

If your body gets into a routine and knows what to expect from you and your workout, it will begin to help itself by becoming more efficient at completing those tasks (as you get stronger or fitter) this is great for the body but bad for you.  Your input to expectation level will be off the dial. ‘I have been walking for years and I have never lost weight’ is a cry I hear all too often. People continually think they are putting in effort but not getting any results, simply because their body has adapted to the task. The good news is it’s simple to fix, change your walk path, include a hill (up not down) or some stairs or both.

Better yet start to jog for 30 seconds, then walk for 30 seconds. By doing this you will keep your body guessing it will have no idea what to expect next and as a consequence you will burn the maximum amount of calories at each and every workout. Great for your input to expectation dial and even better for your continued weight loss!

With my clients I like to vary some part of EVERY SESSION, yes some parts remain, squats, step ups, stability holds etc but there are other parts I mix up.  Even if it’s just the intensity of the cardiovascular work, the exercises I use to train a certain body part is varied constantly to achieve ‘amazing!’  So go on be brave, mix something up today!

Hope to see you jogging soon 🙂


Andrew Zagami