The True Fitness Secret: Metabolic Momentum

Welcome back, hopefully you’re not to exhausted after applying the cardio tip to your workout J


Today I want to share with you one of the biggest nutrition secrets, metabolic momentum, what it is and how you achieve it.

fitness secretMetabolic momentum is in essence, your ability to train your body to not hold onto calories but to use them as a continual source of energy for you.  In doing so you can say goodbye to the essential 10am coffee run or the must have 4pm chocolate craving.  Both of these feature in most people’s daily routine. Both are stimulants to the body and are required to give a quick hit for the body’s energy stores, one through caffeine and the other through sugar.

Unfortunately both have massive consequences. Caffeine subscribes to the what goes up must come down theory and chocolate though giving a wonderful sugar buzz and making you feel yummy on the inside contains a lot of fat therefore making you look yucky on the outside.  Caffeine and sugar I’m sorry to say are simply ‘fillers’ for holes in your existing nutrition plan.

Small disclaimer here: Caffeine does have good effects for your brain – it can clear the fogginess and in some people it can help them concentrate better. Likewise with chocolate, depending on the type you’re having of course. Without realizing it, most people eat chocolate because of the magnesium content, ever wondered why you reach for that piece of chocolate when you’re stressed? That’s the magnesium calling your name because it knows it can help you relax. So yes, they both have benefits, I just wanted to clarify that. But for the purpose of what this email is about, they are working against you if you are relying on them from an energy point of view.

But back to metabolic momentum. To train your body to burn rather than hold calories can be a long process, it can take around 10-14 days to achieve. And initially it may seem like your always eating, but believe me, once you can get your furnace active you will be looking for food all the time…and be burning it off with ease.

The secret is to eat small meals but every 3 hours. I have included a sample plan below; please remember this is only a hypothetical plan not a recommendation. There is a lot of factors take into account before I plan a specific eating agenda for you, but a plan is shown below;

  • Wakeup and Breakfast 7am – 2 eggs with spinach, mushrooms & tomato
  • First Snack 10am – 10 almonds, 5 walnuts and apple or pear.
  • Lunch 1pm – Tuna salad (beetroot, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, tomato + other favorites) 
  • Second Snack 4pm – apple + nuts
  • Dinner 7pm – veggie, quinoa curry
  • 9pm – handful of nuts before bed
  • Bed 10pm

The plan is simple there are no tricks to eating healthy. You must plan your meals for the week, as those foods aren’t going to magically appear in your pantry or fridge. You must also persevere at your quest to establish metabolic momentum; continued effort over a continued period of time is what I tell all my clients.  Remember if it was easy everyone would be doing it, just as if making money was easy everyone would be a millionaire!


Good luck with it.  Remember if you have any questions regarding any of the fitness tips please email me:

Andrew Zagami