Everyone on the planet has the same amount of time: minutes, seconds, house per day – all the same. Yet the most common excuse I hear from people is ‘I don’t have time to exercise.’

Saying they don’t have time to exercise means one thing – a lack in your priorities.

Think about it, from when you wake up to going to work do you really give yourself the time to wake up slowly, enjoy some time to yourself or with your partner, actually taste your breakfast then head to work? Or do you get up, jump in and out of the shower in seconds then grab your coffee and run out the door?

I’m sure the first thing you’re saying while reading this is ‘I need my sleep,’ which I totally understand but again it comes down to priorities. What time are you going to sleep? 11? 12? I’m betting you could find the time to go to bed 20-30 minutes earlier which more than likely will help you a) wake up earlier and b) wake up more refreshed.

We all do it, no one’s perfect. I know there’s days where I waste time doing, well nothing, or more importantly nothing productive. Of course down time is important and an absolutely must to help relax your body and mind before going to bed, but there’s a difference between winding down and wasting time.

A simple exercise you can do to really see how you’re spending your time is to write a timesheet. Let’s say you wake up at 6:30am, start your time sheet from there until you start work at 8. Block out the time you’re at work because that’s not your personal time so from 8-6 (or whenever you leave and get home are your times) you block out Monday-Friday but the time outside that you can either do in 15 min or 30 min blocks.

Write in what you’re doing for each of those blocks and you’ll be surprised where you’ll find some extra time. Before you know it you’ll be able to manage your time more efficiently, have more sleep, be more energized and be more productive throughout your day.

Pretty great right?