Who is responsible for your health? Think really hard about that question because most people have no idea and that really scares me. It’s not your mum, dad, partner, best friend, osteo, chiro or even your GP. It’s you! It will always be you. You are in charge, so act like it!

To some people this might come across as harsh, which in some cases it needs to be. We can’t expect to rely on others when it comes to our own health. Having a team of health professionals around you is extremely helpful and I strongly suggest that everyone does, but that doesn’t give you the right to use them as a scape goat.
‘My GP said it will go away’ or ‘My Chiro said all I need to do is xyz.’ You should never just take their word for it. Yes, they are trained professionals, but everyone makes mistakes and unfortunately, in some instances they can be very costly mistakes.

Wouldn’t you rather be in control and know what’s going on with your body? I know I absolutely would without a doubt! It may have taken me a little while to work out how off track I was but I got it in the end. Now I’m telling you to take control today so you don’t go through what I did.

As health professionals, people turn to us expecting miracles. They expect us to have all the answers and be able to fix whatever problem they have had for however many years with the click of a finger. Just last year I had a client who wanted a one month trial, she had no intention of changing her daily eating (which consisted of pretty terrible food I might add, especially for someone trying to lose weight) and just expected that the weight would fall off just from coming to see me twice a week.
What do you think happened at the end of that month? Yeah, you got it, nothing happened. Without wanting to change yourself there is no way those results will come, it’s just not possible. You can fight it all you like, but if you eat crap food you get a crap body, it’s that simple.

From day one I educate my clients to think for themselves, I absolutely love it when a client messages me asking some random question or brings a document into training to get my perspective, it shows me they are educating themselves and not totally relying on me. That’s how it should be. I want them to change their lives, not just be a drone and do what I tell them.
You have to ask questions, get curious and learn how to create your own change from within. It’s your body, your life and your health. If you’re not in charge, who is?