If you are spending more time than normal at home these days (and most of us definitely are) you’ve probably noticed a few new temptations.

They are in your kitchen: all the food inside your fridge, pantry and/or kitchen cabinets. Especially tempting if you stocked up on snacks and “extras” when the lockdown hit.

I’ve got two things in this email that might help. One is a tip and another is a recipe.

First, the tip: If you find yourself making too many trips to the kitchen for food, what about setting specific times for your meals and/or snacks?

If you know you have a meal coming up in an hour or so, you might be less apt to sneak a snack.

And second: A recipe!

Actually, this isn’t a recipe so much as a DIY idea.

Staying on-track is all about planning ahead and putting together some Healthy Snack Bento Boxes is a fun and easy solution.

Kids love them, too!

You can assemble your healthy snack bento box in a reusable meal/food container with dividers, but that’s definitely not necessary. Instead, you can use Ziploc snack bags or other small sealable containers.

Simply package up your ingredients and keep them in the fridge until snack/mealtime!

Tip: make sure your bento box contains at least one protein-rich ingredient. This will help stabilize your blood sugar and also help you feel fuller, longer.

Possible Healthy Snack Bento Box Ingredients:

  • Tuna
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Raw nuts (walnuts, almonds and pecans are great choices)A2Z Personal Training Bento Box Snack
  • Grapes
  • Berries
  • Veggie sticks
  • Hummus

Try to include a mix of 3 to 4 different items in your boxes.

The trick is to get these assembled before you are hungry or feel like snacking. That way you’ll feel less tempted by less-than-healthy snack foods that might be lingering in your kitchen.

I hope this idea helps you – and your family – stay on track!

Make it an amazing day,