I have now been in hospital for 48 hours and i get to go home very shortly. It was only keyhole surgery so no need to stay here too long.

I’m sitting here just about to get a tube pulled out of my chest…

ok here’s the nurse – I’m expecting this to be rather painful…please hold 🙂

and I’m back…that was the MOST painful thing I’ve EVER been through…


Didn’t feel a thing. Held my breath she pulled and before I knew it it was out.

When I first came in Tuesday afternoon my Registrar said I would be here until Friday, most likely Saturday. Around comes Wednesday afternoon and I’m told I can go home tomorrow afternoon (thursday). All of my doctors and nurses have been very surprised and impressed that I am able to get out of here so soon, I’m not. You know why?

From the moment I knew I was coming in here on Tuesday I always said – I’ll be out Thursday afternoon no matter what. Now I’m not saying whatever you say in your head always comes true, the message for today is the power of positive self talk.


If you’re struggling with reaching your fitness goal I have a task for you.

What is it you find yourself saying in your head?:

  • I can’t do this
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I won’t be successful


Can you see a pattern here? all negative self talk. If you’re the type of person who has these thoughts going through your head then I’m willing to bet you haven’t been too successful in achieving your fitness goals in the past. I’m not saying this to sound harsh – you may not have had the right resources to get moving, but now you do!


Go back to that self talk in yur head and I want you to turn each of those negative points into a positive one. For example:

I can’t do this = I can do this

I don’t have time = I have made time

I don’t know where to start = I will ask for help so I can get started on the right track

I won’t be successful = I will succeed


May seem very simple and it is. So get yourself into the habit of using your positive self talk anytime you feel you need it and you’ll be amazed at your outcome.


To your future success

Andrew Zagami


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