Story About a Trainer

It’s May 17th and I’ve just been told I have to go and have surgery again. My thoughts? Well I probably shouldn’t write them down as they are a little inappropriate for you to read but let’s just say I’d rather a week of chemo then have surgery again.

I had a goal to get my health and fitness back to where it was late November last year, by the end of September this year. This goal just got squished and spit out onto the side walk by my oncologist, which quite frankly, pissed me off big time.

I’ve found myself undertaking too many self-sabotaging activities recently that I wouldn’t normally do simply because I’ve had enough, I’m fed up with all the appointments and needles, I’d just like to run away and forget about it all.

Let’s not forget about motivation levels here.Eating is all over the place – most days I’m lucky if I can manage three very small meals thanks to feeling sick most of the time so all I want is to sleep and even though I work in a gym most days lifting a weight just isn’t happening.

My mind needed a shift… queue the awesome girl. (She calls me the boy so I’ll call her the girl)

After a very overdue chat about how I have been feeling I felt like I’d been given a virtual slapping wake up call. I needed to get back on track with everything in my life so I went back and revisited my goals I had planned for this year.

This was a good way for me to get my mind out from the negative space and into a more positive place, where it usually is.

So what’s the point in me telling you all this?

Andrew ZagamiFor you to check in with yourself and see where you’re at.

  • Are your health and fitness goals on track like you had planned or are you just plotting along day by day with whatever seems to happen?
  • Do you need a virtual slap to wake you back up to reality to get yourself moving again?
  • Do you need a little extra motivation to bring back some old habits that once were easy and now seem a million miles away?

If your just plotting along, need a virtual slap and need to reintroduce yourself to old habits then here’s your motivation to get started.

Don’t do what I have done and let everything feel totally out of control only to find yourself sabotaging yourself and relationships around you. No one else has the power to control you so get out there, move, shake and eat some healthy food to keep yourself on track.

If you don’t have goals of your own now is a great time to write some out, winter is not an excuse to hibernate and not do anything. Get out a pen and paper and write out 5 health and fitness goals you want to achieve.

If you’d like me to keep you accountable email them over to and I’ll check in with you and make sure you’re on track.

Good luck with your goals


Andy is a fitness freak, eating machine who does whatever he can to help people with their health and fitness goals. Click here to download your free four week training and nutrition program to get yourself started.