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We have all heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’, which is pointing out if our diets consist of fast food, takeout, high sugar and fat, or if we drink too much can one really be surprised if our body doesn’t look or feel it’s best? Although this isn’t the full story, we are also what we feel, think, hear, do and believe. Following? Good, read on.

What We Think

If you have thoughts playing over in your head such as:

  • Your not good enough
  • Your unlovable or
  • Your incompetent

Can you really be surprised when you take a step back and see yourself doing something negative towards your attitude?
Maybe they’ll prevent you from feeling deserving of a loving relationship, cause you to feel unworthy of something fabulous or incapable of achieving a goal or dream.

If these or similar thoughts are playing in a negative loop you’ve created, take a look at how they’re showing themselves within your life and what action you can take right now to change that.

So what can you do right now to change these thoughts?

What We Feel

If you feel overweight, unappealing or ill-equipped in some way, take a look at the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, what you do (or don’t do) and the relationships you have. Notice how these feelings show themselves in the clothes you choose, the opportunities you may be avoiding and what you’re willing to tolerate in a co-worker, friend or partner. Now identify how different things would be if you didn’t feel this way about yourself.

Would you still be friends with those certain people? Would you dress differently?

We Are What We Hear

Think about it, if you’re listening to people who are negative, critical, gloomy and judgmental, can you be surprised when you feel deflated, depleted and uninspired? Of course you’re trying to be a good listener, you may even be the “go to person” when someone wants to gossip, needs to vent or complain. Notice however, how you feel once this negativity is dumped on you.

What We See

If you’re watching programs filled with

  • Misery
  • Pain
  • Violence
  • Vulgarity

Are you surprised if it has an effect on you? Take TV news for example. Sure you may be up to date on the latest tragedies in the areas of crime, drugs or disease but how do these visuals resonate with you? After seeing them do you feel calm, serene and comfortable or nervous, vulnerable and afraid?

What We Do

If, while you’re at home all you do is domestic tasks and the occasional errand between your working hours is it any surprise you may not be excited about your day to day life? What’s your typical day made of? If it’s crammed with tasks leaving no room for self care, healthy eating, exercise, down time and fun, can you see how this may be showing it in how you look, feel and live?

What We Believe

What brings us to believe something in the first place? Usually a trusted friend shares/tells us something enough times so we believe it.  For example, let’s say you were constantly told

“You can be, do or have anything.”

This was said to you enough times and it became your belief system as well. But, let’s say you were on the receiving end of someone with limited beliefs themselves. They may have told you that you were not meant to be wealthy, happy, thin, carefree, etc. They may have believed that “life is a struggle, everyone in our family has a fiery temper, is prone to heart disease, has these thighs,” etc. When this was said to you enough times, it became your belief system as well. Are you surprised then when you go into your adult life, carrying this belief system and living within these limits?

Not only are we what we eat, but we’re also what we think, feel, hear, see, do and believe. It’s all of these factors that contribute to who we are and how we live our lives as a result. The best part about it is that with awareness and a desire to change, whatever area doesn’t work well for you anymore can slowly and steadily be changed so that it does.

The choice is ours.

My final question today is this, if you made some small changes in your belief system, do you think your day to day life would be any different?

To a happier and healthier you

Andrew Zagami

A2Z Personal Training


About the author: Andrew is a fitness freak, eating machine who does whatever he can to help people with their health and fitness goals. If you like what you read you can access my free report here and if you want to check out more about his services click here